How Does The Energy Crisis Have An Impact On EV Drivers?

With the cost of living taking place and energy prices being recorded at such highs it can be very difficult to work out what this means for electric vehicle drivers.  If you are a lead EV driver, what will this mean for your energy bills and running costs? If you haven’t made a switch, does it still make a switch, does it still make some financial sense for you to buy an electric car?

Why Is There An Energy Crisis?

There is an energy crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the globe by facing shortages and increased prices in gas, oil and electricity markets. Energy prices have been increasing since 2021 because of the rapid economic recovery, and weather conditions in various parts of the world. 

This means that this is delayed by the pandemic and earlier decisions by oil and gas companies and exporting to reduce investments. The energy crisis doesn’t mean that the cost of charging up your electric vehicle has increased. Both charging at home and on the public network is more expensive this year compared to 2021.

How Will Energy Crisis Affect EV Drivers?

You might be thinking that EVs are too much of an expense, but however, it isn’t just energy prices that have increased. The price of petrol, as well as diesel, has also risen. Therefore electricity prices are going up which still means that electric cars are cheaper to run than any petrol or diesel cars. 

So you could still save up to £1,226 a year by choosing electric. It is also worth the money, as your running costs are cheaper and the cost of ongoing servicing and maintenance of an electric car is also cheaper. Don’t stress you will receive sizable tax benefits if you take an electric car through a salary sacrifice scheme and won’t have to pay any air zone chargers or congestion chargers.

How Will My Energy Bill Change If I Drive An EV Vehicle?

Charging at home is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to recharge your electric car. With energy prices increasing this will impact your home energy bill as well. The cost of charging will be added to your home bill so make sure you are on the best tariff to keep your costs as low as possible.

Are EV Vehicles The Option For Me?

Although we are seeing energy bills rising and an electric vehicle might seem like an expensive idea but don’t let this put you off! With energy prices rising across the board, EV charging at home is still a better value compared to filling up the fuel tank. 

It is easy to make a switch with Danlec EV chargers, we will try and advise you with all of the support you need. If it’s for commercial or residential installation we will provide you with a free quote. We will be sure to have a car that suits your needs.